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Caity & Connor's Wedding - Orange NSW

23 September 2023 - Borrodell Vineyard - Orange NSW Wedding Photographer

This wedding was truly special to me, and I was honoured to be asked to be Caity & Connor's wedding photographer as I am lucky enough to be friends with this beautiful bride's mum!

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day with a spectacular backdrop at Borrodell Vineyard for this Central West NSW Wedding!

I love being able to capture all aspects of the day for my couples, and we started out with the bride and her bridal party getting ready in the morning! It was a nice relaxed morning, and we even had time for a little glass of bubbles before the bride put on her wedding dress, and what a dress it was! I captured some truly beautiful moments between Caity and her mum as she managed to do up the many tiny buttons on the back of her dress!

Then over to hang out with the boys for a bit! In their usual style, the boys weren't quite ready, but they soon got organised so we could capture some fun moments during the morning! I love capturing the little details such as Connor's dad doing up his tie for his wedding - a little family tradition.

Then back over to the girls for a first look with Caity's dad - a really beautiful wedding tradition where the bride and her dad can take a moment to truly take in how special this day is (something I have started recommending to couples as their wedding photographer to try to squeeze in).

Onto the ceremony where Caity and Connor exchanged some beautiful vows to elicit both laughter and tears - demonstrating the beautiful connection that they have!

Then we snuck off for some bridal portraits and the sunset didn't disappoint! Add in a champagne spray to add in a bit of fun and everyone had a great time!

Then we headed back for the reception, with a beautifully decked out function room and fairy lights strung throughout the outdoor dance floor to create an amazing atmosphere! Add in some speeches to pull on the heartsrings, (and some others to give us all a good laugh), cutting the cake with a samurai sword and a beautiful meal, then the party really got started with the dance floor kicking off strong!

What a magical day that I was able to be a part of as your wedding photographer near Orange NSW. Congratulations to you both!

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